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Persephone eating a roach

Discussion in 'Tarantula Photos and Videos' started by Whitelightning777, Aug 16, 2018.

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    Aug 4, 2017
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    Here's her latest eating video. I saved this even though I missed the capture because my phone really got a good look at her & she's quite a looker indeed.

    Anyway, enjoy the video. Her species is P sp machala in case you're wondering. Slings are pretty reasonable in price and they are a good choice for a first Pamphobeteus and maybe even a first tarantula as a sling so long as one realizes that they require a bit of extra moisture.

    Overflowing the water dish 2x a week and keeping some moist frog moss or other moss in the enclosure is the best way to go.

    They are a very pouncy spider and growth rate is fast. Sexes are dimorphic. The males turn a brilliant purple. Females are black with orange highlights and purple undertones.

    Deadly tarantula girl has a short video on this species as well on her channel.