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New arrival today


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Awesome, my a. avic is in the same setup, and has webbed a bit. He's been there a little longer but is hard to feed. He runs from anything but really tiny crickets. He's eaten one live one and one pre killed.


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My deli cup avics (A. avicularia and C. versicolor) have all created horizontal web tubes, like hammocks, along the top edges of their enclosures. There is an opening on one end, some of them have 2 or more openings.

I place the enclosure top with the T upside down on the counter, the T will right itself, and insert a stunned feeder, usually a roach nymph, into the opening of the web tube with tongs and let it drunkenly wander to the sling.

Very easy.


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Awesome. The hammock web is exactly right.
Will try the feeding technique tomorrow.