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US Needing to downsize

John Dreyer

New Member
I am about to move into a new place and I won't have space to keep all my Ts unfortunately and I need to downsize. I would prefer to sell them in bulk. Serious inquiries only please, buyer pays for shipping, will only ship inside the United States using FedEx. All Tarantulas were purchased from Palp Friction, Jamie's Tarantulas, and a couple private sellers. PayPal only. 1000$ for the lot. Serious inquiries only please. A couple pictures enclosed.
Discord; MartyMcFly#7292

C. Cyaneopubescens 2" female
OBT UMV 3" female
OBT 2" suspect male
T. Apophysis 4" male
P. Irminia 4" Female
H. Namaquensis 2.5" unsexed
A. Purpurea 1" unsexed
H. Pulchripes 2.5" Female
H. Cafreriana sling
Colombia Large sling
C. Electric Blue 1.5" unsexed
M. Balfori sling
M. Balfori 1" unsexed
C. Dyscolus Vietnam Blue 3.5" Female
C. Kaeng Krachan 6" Female
P. Sazmai 3" Female
A. Seemani 5" Female
G. Rosea 5" female
B. Vegans 2" suspect male
G. Pulchripes sling
B. Hamorii sling
B. Albo sling
B. Albo Sling