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Need help picking tarantula


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So I had a few rose hair before .I'm trying to decide what would make a good second tarantula. I will be housing said tarantula and an Exo Terra. And should I go with old world or new


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I would go with a new world but a bit for fiesty one like a acanthoscurria geniculata or nhandu chromatus.


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Geniculata's are amazing. I got one as my 3rd T, and it was by far my favorite. I love the attitude, and the feeding response was insane. Also went from 1.5 inches to about 4 in no time. Which was a nice change of pace for me since my first 2 Ts were grammostolas. Another one to check out would be GBBs. I just recently got my first one, so not a ton of personal experience, but a lot of research on them. Another one with some attitude, and can be quick to kick hairs from what I hear. But they are gorgeous, always on display, and eat like champs. If you want to try an arboreal species, you cant go wrong with avicularias. Beautiful and fairly easy to keep for a first arboreal. Thats my 2 cents :)