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Mexican red knee activity question


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I recently got my daughter a B. smithi. We've had it about a month. it's not a very large one. It has eaten fine. Its abdomen seems larger than when it arrived, so I think it's well fed. it's It has mostly been hiding all day for the past month. But the past two days I've noticed it out and active in during the day. I'm concerned that maybe it is not happy or doesn't like it's hide anymore. Or maybe it is happy and exploring. Any thoughts? Thanks.


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Would say exploring my white knee was in her hide for 2weeks solid now she never goes in it and has actually filled it their weird things lol


Sounds normal to me. Just a t doing tarantula stuff :)

I have 2 hamorii and they are drastically different behavior wise. My sling burrowed months ago and doesn't eat much. It has been burrowed for months and I don't worry. My sub adult literally sits on a leaf and only moves a couple of inches to drink and grab prey.

This may sound strange but I have found (for myself) that I had to stop caring to some degree. A tarantula is not like an average pet like a cat or dog (or bird, reptile, hamster etc). They are so alien to us that the best thing for me was to just stop worrying if the t is happy and stuff like that. It'll drive ya nuts.
I remember when my first tarantula burrowed and stayed down there for months. His tunnels all collapsed and I was really worried. Thought constantly about digging him up. One day a new tunnel was built and he came out much larger.

I'm not saying this to be mean or imply I don't care about my spiders. I just had to detach from the normal ways of caring for my pets when it comes to spiders. They will do what they do and they know what's best. :)

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I'll second what everyone else had said. It was hiding as was 'freaked' from being in a new enclosure. Now it feels at home and is exploring.


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Adelerella - so good of you to get your daughter a T! And welcome...
If I had need of a "display" spider (the one you put out for everyone to ogle!)...I would use Cleo, red knee...she NEVER hides! (she's about 3yo)...

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