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US Mature male GBB

Casey K.

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My female just molted (10/16/20). I need a male within the next 30 days because I have to condition her prior to pairing them. That gives me a 30 day time frame to find a MM. If you have a MM that you are willing to sell/do a loan with, then please let me know. I have successfully paired and produced this species. Over 200 were produced in my other females sac. The key to producing a sac is proper conditioning of the female (if anyone is interested in doing a breeding loan). PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ONE AVAILABLE. I WILL NOT SEND MY FEMALE TO ANYONE FOR THIS PROJECT BECAUSE THIS IS A DIFFICULT SPECIES TO PRODUCE DUE TO THE AGRESSIVE NATURE OF FEMALES TOWARDS THE MALE AND THE PROPER ENVIRONMENTAL SIMULATION REQUIRED ON BEHALF OF THE FEMALE. THANK YOU ALL FOR LOOKING AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!! :)