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Males vs females


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So i know that females are generally more sought after in the hobby. Also tend to be more expensive. Sexual dimorphism aside, what are the disadvantages to getting a male? Why are females or expensive? I know males dont live as long and MMs will tend to be Roam their enclosures looking for mates, but what are the real disadvantages to buying/keeping males?


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No disadvantages other than lifespan. Females live longer than males and in some cases get larger. Usually those that knowingly buy males have the intention to breed that species. The few who knowingly buy a male either get the male for exposure to the hobby and owning a tarantula altogether, or just are unaware of the short lifespan. But there is no negatives whatsoever in owning a male.


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I prefer males over females. In many cases the males are more attractive. Theres not a long term commitment either...I've known many people who prefer this over females as well. Personally I have financed my massive hobby buy just wheeling and dealing males. Sure females are expensive but I'll make 20x more then the cost of a female with the right male.