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Male Scorpion lifespans?


Active Member
While lifespans vary from species to species, I've read that Scorpion males,unlike tarantulas, can live the same amount of years as a female, was wondering if this is true or not. I've got my eyes on a flat rock but I don't want to spend so much money on something that'll live a year or so.

Shaun Motson

New Member
3 Year Member
As far as my limited knowledge goes, females live longer than males. If you buy a fully grown wild scorpion, be prepared for it to only live a year, as the it's age would be unknown and it could die of some parasite it had from where it was caught, or some other disease. I bought a wild caught Tanzanian red claw (Pandinus Cavimanus) a couple of years a go - it died after a year and a half. Obviously if it is known to be captive bred then the lifepspan after full maturity could potentially be longer.