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US Looking for these males and a few others


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A. hentzi*
E. campestratus*
A. chalcodes 'New River' *
B. albopilosum (penultimate)*
B. hamorii (penultimate)
P. cancerides (juvie)
H. dictator*


P. cancerides* (already have one, just looking for one or two more)

H. dictator* (already have one female, just looking for another)

P. auratus*

B. vagans*

B. sabulosum (my departed males enclosure seems so empty now.

P. cambridgei (already have a sling)

B. albopilosum Nicaragua* (already have a female and two slings, just want to accumulate more.

H. chilensis* (already have a pair, but it's my favorite species)

H. orellanai*

A. seemani*

Any Avics*

C. versicolor*

C. laeta

G. rosea (RCF)*


H. cafreriana*
H. baviana
H. pulchripes*
H. marksi*
C. darlingi*
C. marshalli*
P. murinus*
P. lugardi*
P. chordatus*
P. irminia*
P. rufilata
P. metalllca
P. regalis
H. namaquensis*
H. guttata
B. vagans*
B. boehmei*
B. albiceps*
P. sp. 'Machala' *
H. gabonensis*
H. villosella
P. reduncus
P. pulcher*
T. stirmi
A. moderatum*
P. auratus*
C. cyaneopeubescens*
B. albopilosum Nicaragua*
B. albopilosum Honduran*
N. incei

Longer list than I intended, but those with a star next to the name are priority. Must have good reviews here or on ab or TsUS (I'll look).