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Casey K.

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Is there anyone that lives near Virginia Beach or Tanya (Aka Fear Not Tarantulas)? I need someone to go to her store, purchase a few tarantulas (she will not ship this species- says so on her site) and ship them to me in South Carolina with LAG or refund of any DOA's. Of course, I am willing to compensate you of a reasonable price. You MUST KNOW HOW TO PROPERLY PACK AND SHIP TARANTULAS. THESE ARE A HIGH END SPECIES AND MUST BE PACKED PERFECTLY with a heat pack included. Overnight shipping only. If there is anyone interested in completing this task for me, please let me know in my private message box. I will not deal with just anyone. I would prefer it be someone I have known here on the forum for a while or someone I have dealt with before.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

Casey K.

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