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US Looking for G. pulchra Female


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I am searching for a confirmed female G. pulchra of any size, my adorable little sling unfortunately turned out to be male on his last molt, and this is a species I want to keep for a long time.

Let me know what you have available!



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Try www.arachnophiliacs.com
They have confirmed 2-3 inch females but apparently there might be a waiting list but it hasn't been updated in awhile so maybe you'll get lucky.
If it is the same place I think you're talking about, that seller is in Canada, unless you have the necessary permits, importing is going to come with legal consequences. The OP is in Texas.

@Elizabeth_S there are multiple good sellers here in the states, just make sure to check the reviews section here and on the other forums.

Mr. P

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To import T's into the U.S. legally you must have a U.S. Fish and Wldlife Import/Export License. Huge, huge fines if you get caught without one.


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Oh ok, will do then. Didn't think about that at all. Thanks for the look out! ;)


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Thanks guys! Yes I saw Arachnophiliacs but I am in the US so unfortunately they won't work for me. If anyone runs into a US seller with female G. pulchra let me know!

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