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U.K. @LC72uk


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just wanted to say a massive thank you to @LC72uk.

Today (24 hours later than it should have been thanks to the idiots at Royal Mail) I received 8 spiders. 7 were from an order from Poland that LC72uk and @Enn49 sorted, the other was a Garmmastola concepicon which I sold to LC72uk a couple of years ago and been pining for it to come back 'home' ever since and so we agreed a trade for a S/A Y. Diversipes.
The spiders (plus some spare vials/sling pots) were all packed in a poly box, with a heat pack.
The delivery was expected yesterday but due to royal mail failing to do the one and only job they hsve to do (i.e. deliver stuff!) they were a full 24 hours late.
It is testimony to how well the spiders were packed that they all arrived safe and well, and following a warming up period, are all now safely rehoused. :)

Thank you LC72uk. Top man, 5 stars and would highly recommend to anyone.

couple of pics...


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I too have received a package from @LC72uk this morning and like @Phil mine had been delayed 24 hours by our wonderful Royal Mail. Like Phil's they were excellently packed and appear to have suffered no harm for their extended journey time.

LC72uk is fully recommended, his Ts are superb.