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latest egg sac


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Hey guys haven't posted in quite some time but I wanted to share a little bit of what I've been up to lately. My female Lasiodora parahybana dropped and egg sac a little while back, I'll be pulling in next week. I successfully got two egg sacs from my female Neoholothele incei last fall. I've also started vending Reptile expos around NY. You can find me next at the Buffalo Niagra Reptile Expo Sunday the 15th. You can find my business page at www.facebook.com/smokinroachesny Here's a pic of my girl guarding her eggs.


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Thanks Matthew, I thought it was , it looks very large . Not one to take a Bite from I gather.:):T:
most venomous spider in the world they say. ive read about 2 bites. on guy died the other had to have his arm amputated to safe his life.