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Komodo natural Wood (Pine) hides.


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I brought a rather nice glass enclosure off someone yesterday & also acquired a lot of bits & pieces with it, including fake plants, water bowls & a half log wooden hide which to me looks identical to the Komodo.

One of these.

To me the bark makes it look like it's some sort of pine & I thought pine was a T killer. But looking around several suppliers have it listed among their Tarantula supplies.

Am I correct & I should not use it? Or should it be safe to use?

Everything I acquired yesterday has been cleaned thoroughly in sterilising fluid & then rinsed even more thoroughly & nothing will be used for several days, to give any smells time to dissipate.


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It dont know about it being a T killer but it will mold so I wouldnt use it anyways. Cork bark is superior for tarantula hides.

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