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I just discovered this site... Looks a little sketchy. Is linked with Backwater Reptiles. The price is great though... Is it credible? Anyone had any experience with them?


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If they are linked to slackwater, avoid them like the plague.

It's actually an even better idea to avoid sellers who are not specifically tarantula oriented. While some (and I mean only a few) may be reliable, most cases they are not.

There are so many excellent sellers out there who specifically sell tarantulas, the desire to buy inverts from reptile sites should be nonexistent.


I'm going to the expo this Sunday, and I'm going to buy some Ts from Netbug. The only problem is, Net bugs don't have L parabyaha A genic or Nhandu Chromatus. If anybody has one available, Pm me.


@Casey K. I would buy from you, but I have to first check out the expo! If the expo has terrible animals, then I would order online. My want list contains: Tailless whip scorpion, a 1 inch + Mexican red rump, A genic, Nhandu Chromatus, L parabyha, and b boehmi and b smithi. I probably would only be able to get 5 or less animals though :(

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