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Hi, I want to get my first tarantula: Brachypelma smithi around 2cm big. I don't know what to use as enclosure for small tarantula.


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I already have bought enclosure but i think It's too big for small tarantula. Thanks for help.
How big is the enclosure you have bought? Small slings do well in plastic delicups (12oz or 16 oz) with ventilation holes added (make sure holes are small so the sling cannot get out or get stuck)
Or you can use virtually any suitable small plastic container just make sure it has ventilation holes added to it.... Make sure your sling has a decent amount of substrate a hide and a water dish and you will be all good :)


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A tarantula should be kept in something approximately 4x it's DLS (diagonal leg span) with no more than 1.5-2x free climbing height to prevent high falls that can injure or kill a tarantula.

Look for something 6-8cm square and fill with packed substrate to reach the 1.5-2x climbing height. Add a hide, starter burrow and water dish/damp moss and you should be good

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