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Hey guys!


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New to the forum and have already learned so much. I've always had 1 or 2 T's but just started growing into more of a hobby. Heres my current babies. (not sure of their correct names)
Brazillian Black
Curly Hair
Mexican Red Knee


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Welcome @Kyla to this wonderful family.

You have some very good looking spiders.

To help you with scientific names...
Brazillian Black - Grammastola Pulchra
Curly Hair - Tliltocatl (ex Brachypelma) albopilosum (Nicuraguan form by the looks of it)
Mexican Red Knee - Brachypelma hamorii
Pinktoe - Avicularia Avicularia (although there are many 'morph' types so I could be wrong as not an avic expert)
@Avicularia Kael, @Arachnoclown, @Kaden Alexander may have a view on the avic species.

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