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Help getting some photos for a video


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Hello, I'm Feles Lucis, and although I'm not a tarantula keeper (mostly because it's considered enviromental crime in my country, which can put you in prison for some years), but I love watching videos from tarantula youtubers. Since I love this community so much, I would like to help it with what I can! So, I'm a student of linguistics and I'm learning Latin right now, so I decided I'll make a video on how to pronounce correctly the scientific names.
For me to illustrate better the species while a teach the pronunciation, I need some photos of those tarantulas, the difficult part is that a lot of photos are copywrited, so I can't actually use. So, if you own one of the following species, would you minding posting a photo of yours and giving me permission to use in my video? I'll also put the names of the people who helped with the photos as a way to give credit. I'm just a beginner youtuber, so there won't be much exposure, but I hope this video I'm recording will help you guys.
The species I need are:

* Poecilotheria metallica *Haplopelma lividum *Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens
*Grammostola Rosea *Pterinochilus murinus *Avicularia versicolor
*Citharischius crawshayi *Acanthoscurria geniculata *Chilobrachys huahini
*Nhandu chromatus *Brachypelma hamorii *Heteroscodra maculata

If you have any recommendation about a species which is hard to pronounce their name, please, be free to send be suggestions and the photos of additional species if you like. Thank you.

Casey K.

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You may use some of my photos. I'm always down for helping with educating. :) I have a few pics of some of the species on your list. Not sure if they are the quality you are looking for but feel free to use them. :)


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Heya, I found out I could use the photos from Wikipedia if I credited the people who shoot the fotos, but thanks for helping here! I already posted the video some days ago, I'll post here as well.


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FTR, I think a video mispronouncing these names would be equally entertaining.
I plan to do a video taking parts of some videos from tarantula keepers at youtube so I can rate their pronunciation.

This is my channel.