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H. Vonwirthi


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I’ve been asked by notable people for a bite report, they can find all they need on his site so I’ve refused... Big Angry Asian Ts have bigger fangs than an obt so the tendon/muscle damage will be increased assuming you get bit somewhere on the hand... Once you get over the shock you’ll feel a never ending hot needle agony for HOURS then you’ll feel all right but I did go to hospital, receiving a tetanus, antibiotics and the heaven sent morphine... The worst was yet to come, deep agonising cramps in BOTH my LEGS for about six weeks.... I got bit on the finger but my legs suffered more... About two weeks after I thought I was cramp free my left elbow seized, more AGONY (I’ve broken bones that don’t come close) that thankfully calmed down in a few days... Don’t get bit, never be curious because it sucks, BIG TIME! I’d rather hold a snake lol

I’m not going to keep saying the same stuff so there it is...


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Thanks for putting this up @Shampain -you know more than anything what happens following a T bite-there should already be enough documented info out there-and plain and simple we all want to be as careful and sensible and respect the Ts enough not to get bitten in the first place:(-its not something we want to happen to find out the consequences!:D

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