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US H. petersii starter colony up for trade


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I have 2.1.10 H. petersii (all CBB) im looking to trade as a group. The 0.0.10 are second instar all are eating well. Not looking to sell/trade as individuals currently.

Mostly interested in trading for:
(prefer females will consider groups of slings)
Poecilotheria sp.
Acanthoscurria sp.
Lasiodora sp.(not parahybana)
Psalmopoeus pulcher
Nhandu coloratovillosus
Pelinobius muticus

Will consider other sp. as well. Not currently interested in other scorpion sp..

TOS: discussed on a case to case basis.

I will not ship first/at same time if you have little to no reviews. My reviews can be found at: http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?251941-MatthewM1&highlight=matthewm1