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Giving A Well Deserved and Awaited Review


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Since I couldn't find a certain place to post this and because i promised a review of his business practices and customer service and overall treatment of the Ts...IM POSTING IT HERE...

So some of u may have seen @VialCreature (Scott's) post of his very long list of the slings and Mature Ts he had/has for sale...

I bought 8 slings and I couldn't have asked for better customer service through your the whole transaction. He made sure that I knew every step, even played phone tag with me for 3 days straight just to make sure that I was 100% satisfied! I couldn't believe how lively they were when they arrived and as a helpful T owner to another who can't seem to ever find pin heads, he sent me a good 50-60 pin heads free of charge so that my Pumpkin Patch babies didn't starve cuz the d hydei I had farmed hadn't hatched yet.

He is absolutely amazing and I would recommend him over and over and over again to everyone! He is absolutely wonderful and deserves everyone's business! Will post pics after I get them all completely situated and such.

Thanks for reading! [emoji177] Y'all! Look him up!

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Great review but i think it would be found better if it was in the reveiws section