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G. Porteri successful breeding.


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Hello everyone!
I got a male match up with my female G. Porteri
Was very successful breeding, there was not tapping or anything just straight to breeding lasted about 60-70 seconds. He almost laid her flat on her back he did such a good job!
Will be expecting a sack hopefully! She went through cooling period, he did a VERY good job. Exciting stuff!


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You are lucky! Congratulations! :)
Do you know about breeding?
I have seen some pair them up 2 in a row, maybe 1 or 2 weeks apart.
Is this necessary? I tried googling but cant really find any information on the whole pairing them twice dealio.
Is once good enough? He was locked in both pedipalps for a good 60 seconds. He darn near knocked her flat on her back.

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