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Fresh molt on LP


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Hey everyone. Been a long time since I posted so I figured I'd return in style. My LP Peter molted the other day. This picture was taken roughly twelve or so hours after the molting. It's really neat cause you can see Peter's molt by his water dish and see that he was very much brown. Now, even fresh after the molt, he is black with brown hairs. So cool!


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Almost forgot, I also have a G. porteri now too! A customer at the store I work at gave it to me. Dunno if it's male or female though. It's name is Kalliak. I'm really hoping it's female cause the people who gave it to me said it's already about four and a half years old.View attachment 40126
Chances are it’s female. If the previous owner had it 4 and a half years they are slow growing so unless they bred it or knew when it was bred it’s going to be older than that. And males mature around this time. This isn’t me saying it’s definitely female but chances are it’s is, I’m pretty good at ventral sexing Grammostola sp. if you can get a clear picture of the underside of the abdomen between the top set of book lungs and upload it

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