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exo terra nano tall arboreal build


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Built this enclosure in prep for an adult arboreal, avicularia specifically. All the foliage is silk and there are several pieces of cork bark to create a "forest" type feeling.


Couldn't find a cork hollow tall enough so I cut to fit and glued two pieces together, disguising any obvious seams with moss. I attached the hollow "tree"to the floor of the tank with hot glue for stability.


Decided to try a high water dish so I glued a cup to a cork trunk and disguised it with leaves. I placed another cup inside it to make cleaning the high water dish easy.

The plan is to house an AF in here and pair her so the hollow goes down to the base of the tank and is 2.5" wide, hopefully big enough for an AF and her sac.

Fun tank to make. Let's see how successful this setup is in the long run.
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Mundo exotico

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Really nice setup. You advise to use hot glue? Or silicone for aquarium? Or is the same?
Im asking this because I thought hot glue was dangerous for Ts