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Emperor Scorpion Freaking Out

I'm hoping I'm posting this right and in the right place (I'm fairly new aside from reading this is my first time trying to post my own thing but looking couldn't find anything) We got an emperor Scorpion a few months ago and he just molted for the first time today which was exciting but a few hours later he started freaking out and is running around his tank trying to climb up the walls and we don't know why. He's stretching and moving a lot but I have spent about an hour searching since we noticed and can't find anything about if this is normal. I know with all our tarantulas they don't move too much after molting and from what I've read Scorpions also have sensitive exoskeletons after molting so I feel like this probably hurts but again I can't find anything. I've found stuff on how they Molly and that they are sensitive and what to do if they have problems and keeping an eye on them but literally nothing I've looked up has anything about why he might be doing this or even a scorpion acting like this in general most stuff says they are pretty cool but doesn't go in depth. Should we be worried is there anything we can look for am I missing something I'm sorry I just really don't know.

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