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im a generally anxious person so it could be nothing but ive been worried about my pink toe, Phelman. he cant climb the glass and it doesnt look like hes in premolt. he doesnt leave the ground and hasnt webbed since the last time i accidentally broke it opening his cage, which was months ago. ive looked around quite a bit and i know some ts just dont web once you've had them for a while, but ive only had him for about a year and a half. i have been misting his tank and i just found out thats not a completely necessary task? i would appreciate it if someone could help me, thank you


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Avicularia on the ground is a red flag I agree.
Post pictures of the spider and its enclosure.And describe your husbanry routine the best you can( last moult date, last time it ate do you spray/how often.....)
Regards Konstantin


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for a while he would use the suction vine thing to sit on the driftwood platform at the top of the tank, but hes even stopped that. theres also a small jar in there and i know they dont usually burrow but i put it in there since he wasnt climbing, ive only seen him in it once though.

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