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Change hid ????????


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I have a long piece of cork bark my T hides deep with in just molted and came out first time in a month i hate the fact he can go almost the length of the cork bark and hid so deep cant see into him i no its molt is in their and would like to get it to see the sex should i just take my t out try and carefully move his to grab molt or would it be ok to get a different hid and put it in there will it be upset or ok if i get something a little less long and deep for better easier access to molts and to maybe see when he is in their ....its a curly hair as well. Any ideas on what to do i do know it likes to dig around and stuff from time to time as well

Mundo exotico

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Hii. Its missing some pontuation in your text. Lol. My advice is to leave it. If the T is confortable why change her environment? I learned that the more you change the display of the enclosure the less you see your T. Its up to you. Maybe she will put the old skin out. My T albopilosum only after 4 months started to came out. Now she is moulting or in pre moult again. When they get used to enclosure you see her much more often. If you change maybe it will keep hidden:)


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Consider this, you made such a nice environment for your T and it's happy!

Young spiders tend to hide, the less opportunity they have, they burrow. If they burrow the tend to say burrowed. If your hide provides natural and sufficient "coverage" for your T, leave it. If it wants it's exo out, it will drag it out and you will find it. I have a few Ts that drag their exos and drop them in the water dish and some that leave them in the burrow or web over them. It's all good.

Spider will outrow the setup someday and will likely be more visible.
Enjoy all the stages of your little guy!

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