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Arachnoclown's tarantula room and enclosures


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Ive been asked alot about my enclosures I use and my room. So I thought I would start a thread on the enclosures I use and how to make some on your own. First I'll start out with my room and add different things every week.

Heres my room about a year ago...

Heres my room right now...

If you have any questions or want to see something, feel free to leave a comment.


Jess S

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That's a beautiful enclosure. I love Hannibal. I like the feisty ones. The way he shot out from that hide like "Raaahh!!" What I really liked is that you used an over sized container to cup him, which seemed to stress him out less imo. Trying to slip the lid under a container that is the same size as the t when you've got legs going everywhere, is a recipe for a trapped tarsus I'm stealing that idea for the future.