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Aphonopelma seemanni (Costa Rican Striped Knee or Zebra)


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I was transferring my spider to a new enclosure and she gave me a little poke. She is always a little skittish when handled which is why she is left alone except for circumstances such as this. She was on the back of my hand and when I set my hand down in her new home, she jabbed me with a fang. Just one puncture mark and a bit of burning, then some numbness. It wasn't too bad, but I'm glad I didn't get hit with both fangs or a full shot of venom... oh that silly little girl!


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Ouch!!! Lucky for you the NW Ts aren't as venomous a the OW ones.


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Sounds almost like she may have felt like she was falling a might have used a fang for support. I know they use them sometimes in cases of instability.

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