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US AF P. Metallica


New Member
Selling because I’m running out of space and time to care for it.

0.1 AF P. metallica 5.5” - 400$

Location: Based in Northern Cali, if local can meetup.

Shipping cost based on location.

Shipping available via FedEx overnight w/ LAG or 2 day shipping without LAG. LAG does not include shipping cost. Pay using Paypal / Venmo

Dead On Arrival (DOA) policy
For DOA, the following criteria must be met: you must contact me within 1 hour of the package being delivered with proof of DOA.

DM for inquiries.



New Member

Also now will offer LAG on 2-3 day shipping via FedEx, LAG will not include the price of shipping.

P. Metallica is now 390$ plus shipping

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