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U.K. Absolutely outraged- avoid 'Scotland Exotic Arachnids'

Hi guys,
I recently bought what I thought was a Brachypelma Hamorii for my grandchild's birthday. I specified a mature female. I was showed pictures of the spider before buying and I could identify it was indeed a mature female. Long story short, I was not sent the mature female I ordered. I sat with my grandson Jack, ready to show him his amazing new pet. I opened it and what I got was not what I ordered. I was sent a DoA mature male. My grandson burst into tears. I don't know if they were even a legitimate seller, because when I went on the computer to email them and request a new specimen, the website was completely gone. I suspect it was a scam website. Absolutely disgusted. If this seller returns, I will demand information and a new specimen. I ended up gifting my grandson two tarantulas from my breeding group, which he is delighted with.
Kind regards,


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I'm so sorry for both you and your grandson, that must have been horrible for him.
I'll be honest I've never heard of Scotland Exotic Arachnids but I will transfer this thread to our Tarantula and Invert Vendor Reviews so it easy to find.

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