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4” T’s to start collection


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For generally colourful & docile T's look at Brachypelma, including the new Tliltocatl rebrands. Then add in Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (Green Bottle Blue.) But do not discount black T's. The Grammostola pulchra is a beautiful T.
My Aphonopelma chalcodes (Arizona Blonde) is a bit of a character. But not nasty, just individual & they are a lovely looking T too.


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I do like that black T (Now I have to hunt for one of these beauties) and your other suggestions. My issue is finding them that are; in-stock, 4"+ (I mostly find spiderlings), and a good vendor.

Lawrence b

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Caribena versicolor is nice coloured T as Molsx said Grammostola pulchra or grammostola pulchripes they can get too a nice size . Cyriocosmus are small but nice if you like dwarfs .


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b. smithi, caribena versicolor and grammastola pulchra are the three T's I got as slings. Versicolor and pulchra grow quite quickly so don't be afraid to go smaller. Smithi is a very slow grower.

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