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  1. Cryptoglossa muricata and Asbolus laevis

    Cryptoglossa muricata and Asbolus laevis

    Asbolus laevis- the smooth death feigning beetle, and Cryptoglossa muricata- the muricate death-feigning beetle. Both are named for their shell textures- 'Laevis' means 'Smooth', whilst 'Muricata' means 'covered in small sharp points', a reference to the somewhat spiny texture of the shell.
  2. Edrotes ventricosus

    Edrotes ventricosus

    A cute little tenebrionid native throughout deserts in the southwest. larvae feed on roots, adults feed on grasses and amaranths
  3. Coelocnemis magna 'Greater false stink-beetle'

    Coelocnemis magna 'Greater false stink-beetle'

    (the big shiny ones) These- like all coelocnemis species- are mimics of the genus Eleodes, but cannot spray a defensive liquid, they instead drop a very strong smelling fecal pellet. their golden feet easily distinguishes them from eleodes. Larvae have a powerful bite, and can draw blood easily.