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  1. ResuemJuli

    Ventral sexing my Tapinauchenius Violaceus

    Hey guys, I had the chance to get some pictures of the underside of my T.Violaceus today. It is my biggest Tarantula atm and i would be very happy if it was a female. I know the Quality is not the best but i still hope that it is enough to at least guess the gender before i get a molt to verify...
  2. D

    Anyone sex this beauty?

    Hey everyone. I'm very new here. Can anyone sex my versicolor? Depending on the sex, I may be excited or planning a burial since it's 4 years old. Thanks!
  3. A

    Sexing M. Balfouri

    I'm an amateur having trouble sexing this M. Balfouri, it destroys all of it's molts. I have one confirmed female not pictured, they are very similar. However she only webs up her little hut not her entire enclosure like this one does. I was wondering if maybe the webbing attached to the short...
  4. M

    A.Seemanni, around 3”

    It keeps destroying its moults and I’m dying to know what it is! I’m just not that great at ventral sexing and would like someone else’s opinion! Thanks in advance!
  5. S

    aphonopelma johnnycashi dimorphism

    I have been unable to find information on the sexual dimorphism of a johnnycashi. I understand as adults it’s quite clear but when do the differences come to light? I have a 3”-4” That has the charcoal black coloration. Haven’t had a molt yet but I’d hate to scramble for a female if he matures...
  6. Crax

    Need confirmation...

    I suck at sexing younger molts. I don't own a microscope anymore and don't want to wait a year for them to get big enough for me to know the gender of my T. I suspect Sing is a girl but wanted extra eyes.
  7. D

    Please help me on this peeps! P. Metallica

    About 3” size. M or F? ✌
  8. D

    Need some experts to help ventral sexing!

    P. Regalis about 4”
  9. DreadedNeith

    Help sex my Brachypelma albopilosum

    Just got this Brachypelma albopilosum. I'm hoping it's a girl. Maybe someone here can make an educated guess.
  10. D


    it molted yesterday and i opened up the molt and took a photo of it. Leg span is around 8cm and body length is 5cm. Is it a male of female? Please help Thanks
  11. D

    Need help pleaae

    i just got this tarantula today. I dont know the age or sex of the tarantula. How do i know how old it must be and is it close to molting?. The whole day it has been in a corner where it made web structures. Thanks
  12. Zarshenyu

    Is my T has reach ultimate molting?

    Hello :) My B. Albopilosum just molt 4 hours ago. When i bought him, the seller said that he is a big juvenile, size around 7cm. But i still bought it. I know that male tarantula tend to have shorter life span. After his molt, I measured his old skin. And his DLS is about 11cm (photos...
  13. Antious

    A. Seemanni Gender Questions

    Hello! I’m new to the hobby and just bought an Aphonopelma Seemanni juvenile from a local pet store! My question is: Are there major coloration or pattern differences between a male and female? Or will I be waiting for a molt to determine gender? I would try ventral sexing but I’m too...
  14. DreadedNeith

    Help sexing a. Metallica

    I recently got into the hobby and got an Avicularia Metallica. Im hoping its a female but i cant tell. if you need different angles please let me know. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. N

    Sexing Curly Hair

    I have no idea, she looks like a female to me. The tarantula is about 3 inches. Any feedback would be awesome, thank you!
  16. Mvtt70

    Can anyone sex my M. balfouri?

    It's about a 3" T, if you can tell the gender let me know please.
  17. Mvtt70

    New E. murinus female??

    I just bought a supposed confirmed female E. murinus and I'm just getting this checked out if anyone knows tell me please. These are the photos I took so far I can take more if these aren't good enough just ask.
  18. E

    New Grammostola pulchripes

    Hi! I'm getting my first T in a few days, a Grammostola pulchripes sling, it's about 1"/1,5". I will be getting it from a reptile shop, and they said it's a female. But isn't it impossible to sex them when they're so small? I searched on internet but I can only find methods to sex them when...