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pterinocilus murinus

  1. P murinus sac maturing quickly

    P murinus sac maturing quickly

    In less than 2 months these guys are molting into slings already
  2. Pterinochilus murinus sac & slings

    Pterinochilus murinus sac & slings

    Pulled exactly 30 days after mom made it, and she was not happy.
  3. OBT sac

    OBT sac

    Thing 4, our largest P murinus, dropped a sac last night. The 36 day countdown begins!
  4. octanejunkie

    Sexing Thing #1

    Dammit, another female obt I can manipulate the spermatheca with a toothpick lol
  5. octanejunkie

    Sexing Thing #2

    Very bubbly, I know
  6. A carapace even a mother can love

    A carapace even a mother can love

    Thing 1 "sunning" itself
  7. P murinus "Thing 2" chillaxing

    P murinus "Thing 2" chillaxing

  8. A


    Hi I started with Brachypelmas, Grammostolas, Phormictopus and Nahndus last year but then had sadly discover I'm extremely allergic to the utrticating hairs... They didn't even had to kick hairs (my baby's were super docile like that) the rashes lasted for weeks and had blisters and never had...
  9. OBT#2 close up and personal

    OBT#2 close up and personal

    Picked up a pair of OBTs but this one is the more photogenic, not hiding lol
  10. Feeding compilation with awesome music

    Feeding compilation with awesome music

    I made an amazing video of feeding some of my slings, and an extra attack from my c. Cyaneopubescens. Hopr you like it, cause I did!
  11. D

    US 3 MM tarantulas for breeding

    Wasn't exactly sure where in the forum to post this. I have three mature male tarantulas of the following species. I am looking for breeding opportunities for them. Let me know if you can help. Dates listed are the dates they matured. Avicularia Avicularia 9/10/19 Hapalopus sp. columbia 1/27/20...
  12. Now it's cute..

    Now it's cute..

    Wait till it gets older
  13. M

    US MM Pternocilus Murinus (OBT)

    I've got a MM OBT looking for a breeding loan.