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  1. 20201010_193820.jpg


    Pamphobeteus solaris enjoying a baby hisser.
  2. Pamphobeteus Machala

    Pamphobeteus Machala

    My soon to be Purple People Eater. Pamphobeteus Sp. Machala looking like it’s already grown since I got it.
  3. P. Machala

    P. Machala

    Latest addition. And by the look of it’s vent I suspect male. Can’t wait for the purple to come in!
  4. M

    Is this a pamphobeteus sp flammifera sling?

    A friend sent me a picture from a small mom and pop pet shop saying that they were not sure even what to put it as or how to price it. They have it labeled as a pamphobeteus sp flammifera but the slings that I see online look like they have darker legs and the pattern looks just a tad different...