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  1. Aphonopelma johnnycashi

    Aphonopelma johnnycashi

    Mature female
  2. S

    aphonopelma johnnycashi dimorphism

    I have been unable to find information on the sexual dimorphism of a johnnycashi. I understand as adults it’s quite clear but when do the differences come to light? I have a 3”-4” That has the charcoal black coloration. Haven’t had a molt yet but I’d hate to scramble for a female if he matures...
  3. SeveredLimb

    Semi experienced owner but newbie to the boards..

    Hi everyone and thanks for taking the time to read this. Question at the end I'd appreciate feedback on. I'm a semi experienced T owner, have owned various species over the years but currently I'm down to just 8 ..watch this space cause once the cold spell ends I'm going SHOPPING!!! My 8 are all...