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hyllus diardi

  1. Prized catch.jpg

    Prized catch.jpg

    Today was feeding day and this gal surprised me by completely ignoring the roach I offered her, ran down my arm, and plucked the largest roach out of the feeder cup. She then placidly walked back into her enclosure and feasted. She is now my favorite. (Hyllus diardi)
  2. Jumping Spiders! Spider Collection Feature Part 3

    Jumping Spiders! Spider Collection Feature Part 3

    A few somewhat rarer species! Part 3 of ongoing "meet the jumping spider" vids. Next week will be praying mantises! I do these for fun to introduce people to spiders and different species of them and how I care for them. If I've said anything wrong definitely hit me up as I'm always up to learn
  3. Hyllus diardi

    Hyllus diardi

    sub adult female Hyllus diardi
  4. Hyllus diardi

    Hyllus diardi

    Sub adult female Hyllus diardi
  5. Hyllus diardi

    Hyllus diardi

    juvenile, possibly sub adult, female Hyllus diardi