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  1. avemonsters

    Help: Heating dilemma.

    I just got my very first T's, a G.Pulchra and the breeder gave me 3 sling Pulchripes as a bonus. I've had them for about 3 days now, and although initially I thought this was going to be uncomplicated, many problems have arised. The main one being: I live in Los Angeles, California. During...
  2. Jacqueline King

    Temperature Regulation for Various Inverts

    Hey all, summer is ending and I haven't had to put much thought into heating my enclosures, as room temp has been just fine for my avic. metallica, millipedes, vinegaroon, and madagascar hissing roaches. Colder weather is right around the corner and I am anticipating that my home will be a lot...
  3. octanejunkie

    Avic housing question - post molt

    Granted that's is nearly impossible to replicate a natural environment in a small glass box, what in your experience is the optimal Avic housing scenario if you have a few animals/enclosures that you'd like to display rather than cloister away in a cabinet or special room? My T enclosures are...