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harpactira pulchripes

  1. Harpactira pulchripes #2

    Harpactira pulchripes #2

    First meal after rehouse and molt. Was 1/2" at acquisition and is now 1.25"
  2. H. pulchripes sling #2

    H. pulchripes sling #2

    First feeding since molting and first in my care
  3. "Pullman" the H. pulchripes

    "Pullman" the H. pulchripes

    Looking dashing and showing off that brindle coat before he sheds it for color!
  4. S

    US Want to buy: Harpactira pulchripes

    Looking for a Mature Male Harpactira pulchripes. Please PM with pricing along with mature date and sperm web dates. Thanks!