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  1. A

    Where are the crickets?

    I am a new keeper, I have a brachypelma emilia, probably a juvenile, around 2". I have been feeding Aubergine crickets once or twice a week. I have read that I am supposed to remove the carcass after they are done, but I cannot find any. Are they being buried? Dissolved? I really don't know. Any...
  2. Zarshenyu

    Should i feed him?

    Hello :) My T has molt 1 week ago. I also see that the fang is already black. But his upper mouth is still reddish brown. I asked the seller if i should feed him or not, and he answered yes. At first, my T seems he interested to catch the crickets. He chased it. Later, the crickets fell down...
  3. jacob bott

    Keeping crickets

    So I got my first tarantula about 1 week ago and I got a mexican red knee. I have fed it twice since then. Im gonna start keeping my crickets in a small tank and gut load them. I was wondering how many crickets I put in it first and how often I should get more crickets for the tank. I also was...