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brazilian salmon pink

  1. Big face Lp

    Big face Lp

    She took a poop in the water dish right before this meal lol
  2. D

    L. Parahybana 4.5-5”

    Noob here. From what I’ve researched it looks like a female to me, but that white dot above the epigastric furrow just keeps me from saying that. It looks like dirt, but if it is it’s not on the glass. I don’t like picking the floof up a lot because it’s a bit skittish and too small for me to...
  3. L parahybana

    L parahybana

    Eye shot through the legs
  4. L parahybana

    L parahybana

    She's getting huge now..
  5. 20200823_135954.jpg


    Lasiodora parahybana sub adult female