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b. albopilosum

  1. Zarshenyu

    White spot on my T's mouth?

    Hello everyone :) I'd like to ask about my T. He's a MM albo. Now I just found out that my T has some strange white spot near his mouth. I just rehouse him like 1 month ago. Is this a mold? Or is this just a dry tarantula poopoo..?? I also attached the photo I took. Thank you
  2. S

    US Tarantula T. Albopilosum 4 inches for Sale

    Hello, I unfortunately have to sell my female Tlitlocatl Albopilosum (4 inches) for personal reasons. I would be really happy if she finds a good new owner and therefore don’t really have a fixed price for her. If interested and if you want to have photos please reply or write me a message.
  3. To Drink or Not To Drink

    To Drink or Not To Drink

    An indecisive tarantula.. He immediately rushed to the water dish just to find his dish was empty. So I refill it. But after that, he stood there quietly... Sometimes, I don't understand tarantula, like what's on his mind...
  4. AnandaWaterman

    US WTB B. Albopilosum

    I have a female Albo and am looking for a male. Doesn’t necessarily have to be ready to mate. I will happily pay shipping entirely. Also potentially looking for slings or juvies as I’m obsessed with this species. I live in Belleville Illinois USA with my B. Albo, Gwendolyne.