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  1. Sneak peek

    Sneak peek

    Somebody is moving in
  2. C. versi on the edge

    C. versi on the edge

  3. C. versi sling "doing laps"

    C. versi sling "doing laps"

  4. C. versi sling "doing laps"

    C. versi sling "doing laps"

  5. Grandsouls

    Help me identify my Avicularia!

    Shes only about 3 inches or so so not sure if you'll be able to tell. Sorry for the quality, not great, Although does not show up super well, her hairs on legs are fairly red, and very very red/orange with the tiger stripes of black on the side, and the black stripe in the middle. She has...
  6. Cavity

    Is this okay??

    Hey guys, I just got a new pink toe a couple days ago. I just noticed the T to be curling up one leg like a death curl but no other legs do this. When I lift the lid the T goes back into a normal stance. Is it just chilling like that or should I be worried? It hasn’t eaten yet but im guessing...
  7. Avicularia avicularia "metallica" - Hermione

    Avicularia avicularia "metallica" - Hermione

    Coming from the shadows...
  8. Avicularia avicularia "metallica" - Hermione

    Avicularia avicularia "metallica" - Hermione

  9. death_by_stere0

    (lethargic, not eating)Please help!!!

    This is long; brace yourselves. I got a pink toe as a sling three months ago, and she was doing fine until her first molt. After she molted, she seemed quite skinny, but I hear that this is normal after a molt and that she will regain her weight after a couple of feeds. Well first of all, it...
  10. Cavity

    Is my Avic in Premolt?

    Im fairly new to owning a T, approximately 2-3months since I first got her. Shes started to enclose herself in a web and im wondering if shes building a "cocoon" to molt in, there's no opening in her webbing from what I can see. What do you guys think?
  11. JoeDeath

    US WTB MM A. Rufa

    Hello everyone I’m looking for a MM Avicularia Rufa also looking for Neoholothele Fasciaaurinigra I have a female also waiting for a male please let me know thanks Joe
  12. JoeDeath

    US WTB MM Avic Rufa

    hey folks I’m in search for a mm avicularia rufa I have a nice Big female waiting for a mate
  13. N

    Pinktoe Tarantula Enclosure Advice Needed.

    So I just got a pinktoe tarantula, and I've heard that the fact sheets online can't be trusted. I know it's arboreal, and I've got a good cage, but I'm not quite sure how hot or humid it should be in there. I've just been spraying anyway. Any advice? Thanks!
  14. Tristan

    What species of Avic is this?

    Hi I bought this (young) spider at a pet store about a month ago. While it clearly seems to be a pink toe, I do not believe that it is an Avicularia Avicularia (as I was told) primarily due to the stripes on its back. (Ref. picture) I did some research and concluded it might be an...
  15. B

    US Looking for B. albiceps, A. purpurea, & B. auratum juveniles

    I've been trying to find Brachypelma albiceps for months now. 1/2" to 1 1/2" shipping to Dallas, Texas. Also willing to drive about 3 hours to pick up. I'm also looking for Brachypelma auratum & Avicularia purpurea, same size range. Any help is appreciated.