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  1. A. Avicularia

    A. Avicularia

    First attempt at focus stacking an image. Needs some work but still a beautiful tarantula.
  2. D

    Anyone sex this beauty?

    Hey everyone. I'm very new here. Can anyone sex my versicolor? Depending on the sex, I may be excited or planning a burial since it's 4 years old. Thanks!
  3. Avic Feeding.mov

    Avic Feeding.mov

    Video of our A. avicularia feeding on a female cricket handing from her ovipositor (egg tube)
  4. octanejunkie

    Avic housing question - post molt

    Granted that's is nearly impossible to replicate a natural environment in a small glass box, what in your experience is the optimal Avic housing scenario if you have a few animals/enclosures that you'd like to display rather than cloister away in a cabinet or special room? My T enclosures are...
  5. JSReptilesUK


    Just wanted to drop a message to say hello - I have been an avid exotics keeper for several years now, mostly reptiles but I do now have 15 tarantulas! And although I care for them to the best of my ability, I wanted to come and learn more from the more experienced keepers. My favourites are...