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  1. N8tive556

    Hapalopus sp. Colombia

    Hey everyone thought I'd just share a photo since it's been awhile! Hope you all are well
  2. N8tive556

    Holy Pokie Yield!

    Just wanted to share an after action report to this weekend's Dixie Reptile Show in Alabama. A report on the show as a whole, kinda disappointing. Was kinda cool to meet new vendors and all but there were a few that were kind of... We'll just say less than informed... And 1 blatant liar... But...
  3. N8tive556

    US Repticon ATL

    Repticon will be back in Atlanta this weekend anyone going? I'm going to be honest I might skip this show, but we'll see
  4. N8tive556

    .... Can't post.... Lol

    For some reason my phone refuses to allow me to post photos here wondering can I just drop my instagram? Lol
  5. N8tive556

    Uhhhh lil help?

    So since about 3 molts back I've men wanting to say my P Regalis is male, however with this last molt it's starting to look a tad different, so I wanted to post a few pics and see if anyone may be able to sex this lol guy or girl... (Not Assuming Genders PC Gods) Thanks for all who help!
  6. N8tive556

    Solemn memory on a wonderful day

    Today has been beautiful! I am happy to report that Invertebrates Unlimited (see post in vendor reviews) has done it again! Monday was sent a message that weather permitting my New addition will be sent out Tuesday arriving next day by 10 a.m and this morning I woke up talking with the roommate...
  7. N8tive556

    It's a B... (An Avics Story)

    A couple months ago, a great little addition came into my possession, an Avicularia avicularia. I was told I almost didn't get it because it's a B grade, and my friends at the local pet shop try to avoid B grade animals. But when it was presented to me, I felt for the little guy, the supplier...
  8. N8tive556

    Very tough decision...

    So, one of our little Pumkin patches is having a bad molt, it's rear 2 legs on one side are sick in a the molt I know you can usually possibly help them out of it, but he's tiny, and I think the molt may have hardened... What on earth should I do? I'm concidering clipping the rest of the molt...
  9. N8tive556

    Holy Pokie!

    Lol just a random update I suppose. I was just checking all my T's when I seen my regalis hunkered down in its little burrow, and just seen his leg... I turned the cup a bit and seen, another leg, and uhhhh wait a sec... THAT'S NOT MY POKIES LEG! So I coaxed this new pair of legs out the burrow...
  10. N8tive556

    Joined the Brachy club!

    New pick up a beautiful curly hair will deff post pictures later! Off to work!
  11. N8tive556

    After Con Report

    Has anyone been at a con and seen something that wasn't Really on your list, but you got it anyways? Lol well I have a P. irminia now... Lol Other pick up was a Damon diadema, been wanting one for Years
  12. N8tive556

    US Atlanta Repti-Con!

    Hey was just wondering if anyone's going to the con tomorrow here in Atlanta?! Or if anyone went yesterday and what sights maybe worth seeing while I'm there tomorrow
  13. N8tive556

    US Invertebrates Unlimited!

    Is a smaller company ran by Bruce and Lilly. I met the 2 of them at the Sept. Dixie Reptile Show in Atlanta, incredible people, incredibly informative and definitely give off the mutual hobbyist vibe which is a real breath of fresh air, finally a couple of people that love the inverts they sell...
  14. N8tive556


    Well, the Hapalopus Columbia have arrived! My gf is smitten! Lol I will leave a detailed review of where I got them and everything in the review thread later on but for now,I just wanted to share the news!
  15. N8tive556

    My Girlfriend Has Been Bitten!

    Sorry this isn't a bite report, but I just wanted to share with everyone, since my gf and I have been together she had been very supportive of my love of inverts. The other night I get home she asked me if I've ever heard of the Pumpkin Patch? Left field much? I said of course, why? She wants...
  16. N8tive556


    Hey everyone! So after much searching I didn't find a thread on this subject. So I thought I would post this question. Knowing that too much room may stress out a small T, when is it appropriate to rehouse a P. regalis sling? Size of the current cup seemed to do it pretty well until this last...
  17. N8tive556

    G. Rosea feeding....

    Hi everyone! Thought up some questions today and posting them tonight, so here goes. Ah my little G. Rosea sling... What an amazing appetite! However my fear is, though knowing while young they eat more frequently, how much is too much?! I did not feed it this week due to the fact it looks like...
  18. N8tive556

    Pokie Sling Molt Question

    Hi everyone, I thought up some questions over the day and thought I'd post one tonight, to see if any one had information I may not know about my P. Regalis sling. It has molted once since being in my care however, gauging the time frame of the last molt she is I'd say about a week or two over...
  19. N8tive556

    Hey Everyone!

    Hello good people. My name is Nate, Nathaniel or Hey jerk, if the situation calls for it. I'm relatively new to the whole tarantula keeping "community". I thought I was one of relatively few that kept inverts but I am glad that I have found a little slice of normality on the interwebs. To be...