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  1. paolo escoto

    pretty noob question. lolz.

    at what size should i offer my slings bottle caps with water? right now they're about 1.3-1.5 inches.
  2. paolo escoto

    2 new molts

    my G. pulchripes and B. emilia both molted. at the same time! :D i didn't even know that my G. pulchripes was in pre molt. now i'm sure he's male. :( but that's okay. :) pics.
  3. paolo escoto


    yess. after waiting a long time i fianlly got one. question. are GBB's handleable? :p
  4. paolo escoto

    why do G. roseas fast?

    yuhh. why do they fast?
  5. paolo escoto

    tarantulas hiss?

    i didn't know about this but when i opened my B. boehmi's enclo, he ran and gave me a threat pose. when i tried to touch her with a paintbrush she hissed. so i investigated and everytime i put the brush in front of her she hisses? do T's really hiss?
  6. paolo escoto

    is there a way to patch up a ruptured abdomen?

    don't worry. none of my T's are hurt. i'm just asking just in case. :D
  7. paolo escoto

    T's in sweden?

    at some time this year or maybe next year i'm moving to sweden. :( i googled stuff about keeping tarantulas in sweden/dealers in sweden but i couldn't find some info. anybody here knows if keeping Ts is legal in sweden?
  8. paolo escoto

    random question from my random brain.

    have you guys been haired by caterpillars with urticating hairs? (not exactly haired, but you get my point). if so, which do you think is worse? tarantula hairs of caterpillar hairs? :D
  9. paolo escoto

    is coco fiber good as substrate?

    well. i asked my friend for some coco peat and he gave me coco fiber. is it good? it's so fiber-y. haha.
  10. paolo escoto

    does anybody here know how to drill holes through glass?

    the small aquarium i got doesn't have any holes for ventilation. so yeah. can anybody teach me? :D
  11. paolo escoto

    yaaay. new T's

    i finally got those T's i mentioned from the thread i made. yaaaay. except for the P. regalis. i changed my mind. :D got these 2 T's with free enclosures! :D 5 inch female B. Boehmei 2 inch B. emilia. :D maybe next week i'll take his GBB. hehe.
  12. paolo escoto

    i didn't know tiny slings could kick hairs. lol.

    so i fed my slings this midnight and my 2cm B. albopilosum kicked hairs at me. i don't actually see some hair on him but he kicked. =))) do you guys experience this too? :p
  13. paolo escoto

    how to lower temps?

    my friend's N. chromatus had died due to the extreme heat. what can i do to prevent that from happening to me too? average temps here in the phillipines reach 34-36C :( (this summer)
  14. paolo escoto

    can a T drink so much water?

    soo. i filled my G. pulchripes' water dish this morning at about 10am. it's 4x4 in size and 1 inch in height (1/4 filled with pebbles). and i checked on him 9pm and all the water is gone. he's also hanging by the dish's side.
  15. paolo escoto

    i'm finally getting new T's. i wanna ask you guys something. :p

    what should i get? i'll introduce myself to the world of arboreal T's. :p Avicularia sp peru purple (peru purple pink toe)2cm or Avicularia laeta (puerto rican tree spider) 2.25cm Tapinauchenius gigas (red tree spider) 1inch Tapinauchenius subcaeruleus(metallic tree spider) 2.25cm OR recommend...
  16. paolo escoto

    Nhandu chromatus turned picky on food?

    for the past week. i thought that my N. chromatus still doesn't want to eat because he jsut molted. turned out that he was really hungry, but just doesn't want to eat supwerworms. i gave him a roach and he pounced on it the moment i dropped it. (first time he did that) why won't he eat...
  17. paolo escoto

    what do i do with roach eggs?

    i've got a lot of roach eggs and they are starting to hatch one by one. the first one hatched yesterday and the baby roaches are hard to catch. i ended up catching a big one and cutting it up for my slings. can i seperate the eggs to a different container? how do i set it up?
  18. paolo escoto

    tarantula dealers who ship internationally?

    as the title says. do you guys know any websites for dealers who ship tarantulas to the philippines?
  19. paolo escoto

    tarantulas and mice

    i've watched a few videos of T's eating mice. i've noticed that when the T bites, the mouse scratches the T ALOT. (from trying to escape) doesn't that harm the T?