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  1. Floodmeister

    US Repticon Baltimore, MD 1/19-1/20

    Congratulations! I'll be in Baltimore that weekend permitting the weather. I'll be going to the aquarium there so I might stop by in the afternoon. It'll be my first Repticon as well. I've been to almost every expo in the Philly area like Hamburg and Oaks for the past year and a half and I still...
  2. Floodmeister

    US Repticon at Edison NJ

    Yeah I know of Creative Ectothermic Solutions . They are nice people but their prices are a bit high compared to the other vendors usually at other reptile shows. Who is the other one though? I didn't recognize any of the other vendors on the list.
  3. Floodmeister

    US Repticon at Edison NJ

    Anyone ever go to this show before? It looks like its part of the Super Pet Expo, The vendor list kinda small but I'm not sure if its up to date. I've been to the Super Pet Expo at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center and it wasn't great. Looked like half of it was Petsmart and the other half...
  4. Floodmeister

    Just got back from Hamburg Reptile show.

    I picked up several T's that I've had on my want list and one I told myself I wasn't going to get just yet. First booth I checked out was Net-bug. I saw a few I wanted until one name caught my attention. Euathlus sp Red. I immediately purchased the incredibly small sling as I didn't know when I...
  5. Floodmeister

    Should I be worried?

    Thanks. That makes me feel a lot better. Honestly I was getting a little excited about a possible molt. My G pulchripes molted Sunday night and my GBB on Monday night. Thought I might be getting a third but was concerned since it didn't show any signs of pre-molt.
  6. Floodmeister

    Do you need to treat water?

    I buy regular bottled spring water from Wal-mart. I don't specifically buy for my T's. I use the bottle water for myself mostly. I just use a bottle or two. Plus I use the caps for drinking dishes and sometimes use the bottles cut in half for rehousing and I even cut one up like a shovel for my...
  7. Floodmeister

    Should I be worried?

    So I fed my Avic a mealworm around 2-3 days ago, which it finished eating by the time I got home the next day, I haven't noticed anything wrong the past few days. But when I got home I saw it like this, and my first thought is molting, but 5 mins later it moved to a different position and looked...
  8. Floodmeister

    Magically emptying water dishes

    I had a similar problem with one of those glass water dishes from Petco. It would be fine for a few days then magically be empty. I switched it out with one of those condiment cups you can find at grocery stores in a pack of 50, or small water bottle caps, and haven't had the problem since. I...
  9. Floodmeister

    M balfouri not reacting

    I feel your pain. I sometimes forget I have a hamorri. It sealed off its burrow the day after I rehoused it. That was 31 days ago. Luckily it made its burrow along the side of the enclosure so I can check on it from time to time.
  10. Floodmeister

    Poop cannon

    I'm not entirely sure what to make of this but I walked into my room and caught my A. seemanni drinking from its bowl. I sat there watching it for a few minutes as it was slightly submerged,it slowly turned around and it looked like it was trying to web up on the water bowl. It then shot out...
  11. Floodmeister

    Waxworms from Petco

    Oh I probably should have added a bit more detail. I know how to feed them. I was just wondering if I had to be worried if the wood was toxic to T's? As these are generally sold for reptiles, I wasn't sure if I should be worried about the type of wood they are housed in.
  12. Floodmeister

    Waxworms from Petco

    Quick question but I purchased some wax worms from Petco and they came in what looks like to be some sort of wood. Should I separate them from the wood shavings? I've looked all of the internet, and even went to the manufactures website which is Timberline, but was unable to find out just what...
  13. Floodmeister

    Hello everyone!

    Honestly that makes me feel a lot better. I honestly cannot wait for the GBB to show its adult coloration. I don't plan on holding any of them but I did want to have experience with handling just in case, even though I use tongs and a paintbrush to do anything in the enclosures, I wanted to be a...
  14. Floodmeister

    Hello everyone!

    First time T owner here. I've always had a fascination with tarantulas and other exotic pets, When I was a kid I owned several ball pythons, corn snakes, and 2 Emperor scorpions. Currently I have a 5 year old Reef tank, and a planted aquarium. After watching a Dark Den video, it revitalized my...