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  1. Major 78

    US Starter Kit For Sale!!!

    I have a 1” C. Versicolor for sale, along with an enclosure, water dish, hide, substrate, peat moss, cork bark, fake plants. And of course the spider itself. Get it all for $75!!! Terms of Service: I ship ONLY via USPS in the continental US. Overnight is $35.00 2-3 day is $13. LAG only applies...
  2. Major 78


    Looking for some T females that are larger than 3", I regret buying only slow growing slings haha. Must be confirmed female, and larger than 3". Not sure what species I want yet... Please PM me the species, size, price, and if possible picture of what you have. Or email me @...
  3. Major 78

    US Various Preying Mantids For Sale!!!

    Heres what's in stock. I usually sell 50% of stock within the week, so get it while you can! I also accept trades for tarantulas. Please read TOS. x3 Spiny Flower (Pseudocreobotra wahlbergi) Known to be the prettiest mantis in the hobby! Fast growers, great eaters. Currently L3-4. Each for...
  4. Major 78

    Best First Old World?

    Hey! Was recently wondering what old world T is the best for someone who has never kept an old world before? Something with fairly low venom levels, and fairly docile. Thoughts? Thanks.
  5. Major 78


  6. Major 78

    Major's Tarantula Journal

    Hey! So basically this is a journal of my tarantulas. Just little updates on how they are doing, what I'm getting, new enclosures, etc... I do it on all the other bug forums too, it's a habit. So here we go. I've made 4 enclosure so far, and have 2 arriving next week. 1 is a Jamies Tarantulas...
  7. Major 78

    Major's Enclosures

    So I have two tarantulas coming in, and two enclosures coming in. I knew I would be getting a third tarantula sometime in the next couple weeks so I would need an enclosure. So I was walking into my kitchen and my mom stops me. She was holding a really cool looking jar that used to hold coffee...
  8. Major 78


  9. Major 78

    New Years Resolutions

    Happy (almost) New Year everyone! What are your resolutions? Here are mine: To work out harder/ more often Master manual focus on my camera. Breed my first mantis Sex a tarantula molt myslef Keep an old world tarantula Learn to bake and cook Get better at 8 ball pool, and 9 ball Start a...
  10. Major 78

    Neoholothele incei "gold" Enclosure?

    Hey! So I will be getting my first T soon! (Because of Casey K's generosity, she's giving it to me for free! She's so nice!) It's going to be a 1 in. Neoholothele incei "gold". I am going to get this enclosure from Jamie's Tarantulas for it, it's a kit so it has almost everything I need for its...
  11. Major 78

    US Repticon Baltimore, MD 1/19-1/20

    Hey! So I will be going to Repticon in Baltmore, MD on 1/19/19! Was wondering in any other TF'ers will be coming? Does anyone know if there will be any vendors that carry T's? More info here: http://repticon.com/maryland/baltimore/ Here's a post I made. If you can't tell, I'm pretty excited. "...
  12. Major 78

    US WANTED-Jumping Spiders

    Looking for some jumping spider pairs and/or gravid female(s). PM me and let me know what you have available for sale and prices. If possible, a description of coloration would be appreciated, and a pic would be wonderful. I do also have some mantids that I can trade for them, and a fire themed...
  13. Major 78

    US Praying Mantis (Creoborater sp.) For Trade!

  14. Major 78

    Laser Cut Design For Sale

    Selling this thingy I designed and cut. Here is a pic $10 each. Do accept trades for cool stuff, mantids, tarantulas, beetles, antlions, scorpions, and velvet wasps. (Btw that is not a Christian Cross, just a design) PM me.I’m using any money I make through this to buy my first T :) I appreciate...
  15. Major 78

    Good Tarantulas For Beginners?

    Hey everybody! I am looking to buy my first T, and need a species that fits my requirements, hoping y'all could help me New World Docile, passive Slow Cool looking Good for beginners And my biggest requirment: NON-DANGEROUS VENOM!!! by this I mean it isn't dangerous if you get bit, and it...
  16. Major 78

    Young Enthusiast From NY!

    Greetings! I am a young bug keeper, who started keeping bugs at an even younger age! I have kept many animals and bugs including mantids, ants, termites, beetles, mealworms, fish, cat, dubia roaches, and more! (I have four different bug forums open right now haha) Notice something missing on the...