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  1. spodermin

    Plants growing randomly in substrate

    I find it interesting that this plant has chosen to sprout now after being in this perpetually wet enclosure for the past 6 or 7 months
  2. spodermin

    Plants growing randomly in substrate

    Just a place to dump photos of those random plants we occasionally see out of nowhere in our spiders enclosures. NOT for plants intentionally put in enclosures
  3. spodermin

    Subdue techniques for pinch grip

    The particular species in question is chromatopelma cyaneopubescens, which is verrry skittish and pretty damn fast. I'm not a fan of the technique in the first place, but it has become necessary. Basically what I'm looking for is a way to secure it in one place so that there is a no fail...
  4. spodermin

    Subdue techniques for pinch grip

    I have a spider that is not very aggressive but is extremely fast that I want to pinch lift. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I can do this without getting bit or harming the spider?
  5. OBT breeding

    OBT breeding

    Two palp crossed lovers getting their freak on to some Marvin Gaye
  6. Lovebirds


    After the immediate pairing, these two just sort of hung out with eachother for about 48 hours before I had a good chance to separate the male again.
  7. spodermin

    Mature female OBT?

    Thank you! Beyond excited :D:beer:
  8. spodermin

    Mature female OBT?

    Theyve already paired 3 times and hes now just hanging out in there with her. Gonna pull him out when hes in a better position to get a cup on
  9. spodermin

    Mature female OBT?

    I know somebody who is going to be very happy to hear this ;)
  10. spodermin

    Mature female OBT?

    I have a mature male OBT looking for some furrow and a female which is definitely not full sized but perhaps is mature. It's slightly larger than the MM in terms of DLS with an exceptionally larger carapace and abdomen. Can anyone give me the rough measurements of when a female should be mature...
  11. spodermin

    Comment by 'spodermin' in media 'Id request'

    And when in doubt: wikipedia
  12. spodermin

    Comment by 'spodermin' in media 'Id request'

    Allegedly they are extremely venomous, although they don't possess the fangs/mandibles to bite humans rendering them harmless even to children Ik the harmless part is true but I'd need citations on the venom
  13. Id request

    Id request

    What is this? Found in ontario, around 1.5"DLS
  14. spodermin

    OBT tibial hooks or nah

    Thank you, I couldn't remember if I'd seen this before here or on AB. Good reference
  15. spodermin

    OBT tibial hooks or nah

    Does this species have tibial hooks or nah? What was sold to me as a female seems to have boxing gloves so naturally I want to pair it with my female, does anyone know if the MM of this species hook out or not because I don't see hooks so it still may need another molt if so Pics of the palps
  16. Stirmi post molt problems

    Stirmi post molt problems

    I just lost my baby stirmi following its molt now my big girl has some issues with her abdomen. Please explain
  17. Morning glory

    Morning glory

    Fascinating update on one of my rescue spiders coming when I wake up (pic unrelated) this shows me mature female regalis out and about and the big male(?) Having its first big meal since molting (background)
  18. Massive!


  19. Big, scary huntsman

    Big, scary huntsman

    Huge huntsman spider after molt